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The 6th Czech Open Championship in Combat and Hunting Archery       Propozice       Přihláška 27.8 - 28. 8. 2011

Dear readers,
These lines are intended primarily for all those who would be interested in learning basic information about the voluntary group that bears the name of The Society of European Martial Arts (Spolek evropských bojových umění - SEBU) and also for the individual members of this society, as the information contained herein may motivate and inspire them to further personal development within SEBU.

The mission and goals of SEBU

  • Revival of the mode of combat and its schooling used in Europe between the 14th and 18th centuries.
  • Bringing European martial traditions, culture and the philosophy connected to these traditions to the general public.
  • Achieving a deeper understanding of and appropriating the cultural heritage and philosophical currents of Europe. The reason for gaining this knowledge is also to practise such a life style as will lead to a healthy physical and mental condition.
  • Organizing tournaments and competitions (combat technique, archery, crossbow, throwing weapons).

As you can see for yourselves, this is quite a basic list, which could be expanded to a very wide range of activities and it remains for the members of the Society to choose the fields of activity they wish to concentrate themselves on more fully. However, it must be stated that only by combining moral values with martial knowledge can a group of mature individuals with the abilities of a master be formed.

I have placed you into the middle of the world,
so that you may more easily view everything that is within the world.
I have not made you either heavenly or earthly, mortal or immortal,
and so the more freely and honestly you mould yourself,
the greater likelihood that you achieve the form that you choose...

Remember that it is up to man to decide what he wants and to become what he wishes to be.
(On Human Dignity, G. P. Mirandola, 1486AD)