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Město Kladno
Pražské služby, a.s.

The Warrior’s Code

  • Let your competence be proven even outside of the Warrior’s Trial, for there are values without which your martial art would be meaningless.
  • Be able of body so that you can, among other things, use a bow, sling and javelin, can ride a horse, jump and swim.
  • Have faith that the treasures of the spirit are wealth enduring, which neither cruel fate nor slander nor time may take from you.
  • Inasmuch as good memory is the basis of education, it is necessary to take care of it; therefore, learn daily a passage of poetry or philosophy.
  • That you may be attractive, speak kindly and politely; obstinacy and pompousness incur displeasure, a bombastic and stilted style invokes scorn. Insincerity and spitefulness are not merely faults, but outright sins. Therefore, let your behaviour be direct, open, confident and manly.
  • Seek a path by which to understand Nature and to love Her, for then even the sight of flowers or beautiful scenery may bring back failing health.

The requirements, which the Code lays upon the Warrior, should become an integral part of his life style, attitude and behaviour. The thoughts contained within the Code are based on the texts of philosophers and important people of the Renaissance period who dealt with the problem of educating young noblemen and people in general. The following passage merely proves that only by our will and actions may we fulfil the Code.